Yesterday was Nicholas’ first football game.  The weather was nice and crisp and the players were excited.  Nicholas looked so handsome in his gear.

The Tigers were leading 25 to 0.  Nic was playing the position of defensive end.  His job was to stop the other team from scoring.  My son is a fast runner and was doing a good job keeping this huge kid at bay.

Until…the kid tackled him so hard that Nic flew at least a couple feet into the air!  My heart was racing because he did not get up immediatedly.  I jumped to my feet but my husband and his brother remained seated.  I was ready to race onto the turf (my husband looked horrified at this notion) when the coach helped him walk off the field.  He looked like the hit really hurt!

My husband said that he only got the wind knocked out of of him!  He was limping a bit but he appeared okay so I sat down.

My baby, the football player.

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  1. I flinch when I see other people get hit. I can’t imagine watching my babies. I think you handled yourself well. I think I’m glad mine are into theatre. 🙂

  2. Get used to it – football season just started LOL Boys are scary.

    K-boy always tells me to watch him do this stunt or that stunt and I tell him that I can’t look. It scares me to much to watch him hurt himself. Now I think he just says that stuff to egg me on.

    Boys will be Boys!!!

  3. Man, I remember playing powder puff in high school and I know that’s nothing compared to football hits. I bet your husband would have tackled you to the ground before he allowed you to run onto the field he he.

  4. I don’t have boys, so I can’t imagine what I would’ve been like. I’m really cautious when it comes to my little one, especially after she broke her leg last year. I would’ve been on pins and needles!

  5. I remember those days!!! When I was in high school my brother wrestled and played football. I went to every meet and every game. Once he was hurt wrestling and I flew from my seat and onto the mat. I was so scared he was really hurt. He also had the wind knocked out of him. My mother laughed so hard even though she is the exact same way.

    I can only imagine how I will react when Ian and Imani play sports! Lord help me!!!

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