Silver Linings Sunday


Last week I dropped my phone off at the Sprint store to be serviced.  It was going to take 15-20 minutes, so instead of waiting, I decided to go over to Wal-Mart to have my brake light replaced.  However, when I attempted to start my car it would not turn!  The battery was dead.  I was not expecting this from my relatively new car.  I felt a little like a damsel in distress considering that my husband was at work nor did I have any jumper cables.  Let’s not forget that I was without my life line.  I sat immobile for a brief minute while I considered my options.

I hesistantly approached a young man to see if he could give me a jump.  He said he would have but he did not have any cables.  And then, out of nowhere, a sheriff’s deputy that we know happened to see me.  He was not on duty and had his two children in the car, yet he came right over and proceeded to help out. Once he noticed that he did not have his cables in the trunk, he enlisted the assistance of a perky teenager donning a bright pink cowboy hat and a mini-skirt to help.  She supplied the cables and assured me that it would work while he gave me a jump. 

I felt so thankful that God had placed those two people in my path.  This act reminded me that there are a lot of good, thoughtful people residing in the world.

I won’t forget to pay their kindness forward.


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  1. I think there are more good people in this world than bad. My hubby is one of those that would stop and help absolutely anyone! I’m glad God put someone in your path that could help you. =)

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