Monaco v. Morocco


I have a confession to make; I, too have a dark side.  I am not always nice, considerate, polite, and sweet.  I’ll refer to that other side as Monaco.

Sometimes I am petulant.

I can be impatient.




Spoiled even

Monaco tends to rear her ugly head when I am feeling tired, annoyed, stressed, insecure, threatened, jealous, or unappreciated.  So you see, it doesn’t take a lot to make her presence known.

In my Monaco moments, I want to put the smackdown on Eliza.  I don’t want to be peaceful–I want all out vengeance.  I want to knock her in the head and scratch her eyes out!  When I am feeling Monaco…watch out world!

I don’t like Monaco but she sure seems to like me.  Luckily I have more control over her than she has over me!  But I have to admit, she gives me one hell of a workout!


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  1. You so brilliantly shine as far as I’m concerned! But, don’t hide it, let it be, acknowledge it, purge it and move on, as you are so great at doing already. We are flawed creatures and you are always such a great example of working on yourself…we should all be such a role model.

    Be it dark or light, you know that I’ve got your back, girl!

  2. I knew it, I knew it, I just knew it, you are not perfect after all. (LOL) Morocco or is it Monaco today???? (smile)  Everyone has a (dark) side, that’s normal and is not a bad thing to have. it is the two sides together that makes (you) us, who we are. You can’t have one without the other. The combined good/bad sides is where the strength and compassion to deal with the drama from (Eliza) and raising children that are not your own comes from. It is good that a person’s dark side comes out from time to time because then it reminds others that your niceness is (not) a sign of weakness, and that you won’t be walked over… I too have a dark side, his name is (Oldfart) (LOL)   Although I am not (old) in age…..(smile)  just wanted to put that out there…. 

  3. I think that as humans we’re all entitled to a dark side. Even the cutest kitten in the world goes on a wild-eyed shredding spree around the house. But as you pointed out, having control over this dark side is the key. Because “I couldn’t help it” just isn’t a good excuse.

  4. I had a conversation very similar to this last night. It is a challenge to be nice and forgiving all the time. Sometimes you just want everyone to get out of your way.

    Control is a good thing. Hard to learn and some never do.

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