Boys in Society


I came across this article and it made me think of Evan.  I am trying to implement a few new practices to help ease his transition from residential to home.  After reading, I wondered if some of his “problems” are more related to gender than environment.  It is all very confusing, but I do know that I want to do whatever possible to help him.


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  1. That was an interesting article. Our kindergartner has been having a rough time when it comes to wanting to do homework so I had my mom (who has worked in childhood development for years) come in and do some homework with him. And we soon discovered that reading wasn’t fun when it was assigned. So we’ve been trying to do more fun types of reading and writing to help him learn to read. Whew I hope that made sense. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Interesting article! I’m going to mail it out to our teachers for an email discussion. I would like to see more studies done on this. It is good to realize that boys and girls are wired differently. When does he come home? I want to make sure we are praying fervently for you all!

  3. JAG~

    I thought it was interesting and informative as well, especially as a mother of a boy. If all goes as planned he will be home before Halloween. However, he has been having a lot of aggression lately that could cause his stay to be longer.

    I know we have a lot of work ahead of us and we need all the prayer we can get. Thank you for keeping us in yours.

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