She’s Back!


My brother called on Wednesday so that I could pick Jazmine up.  I guess he had a change of heart.  I had to attend Nic’s open house so I told him that I would pick her up the following day.  When I arrived on Thursday I walked up the staircase curious about how she would receive me.

When she looked up and saw my face she smiled and said “Lemme get my shoes!”  She hopped out of the chair and proceeded to put them on.

I guess she missed me as much as I missed her.


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  1. I’m choked up.

    I’m glad you have her back. It breaks my heart to know kids are where they aren’t being loved and taken care of like they deserve to be.

    I’m so glad she’s back where she deserves to be.

  2. oh, so sweet. i meant to comment on your original post about your brother. i totally understand crazy siblings. my older sister was going through a “rough patch” (that’s lasted the better part of 10 years) with her life. she was in a bad relationship, she had two adorable boys, she had no job, the whole 9 yards.

    my little sister (two years younger than me) and i told her that we’d take the boys for a week so she could concentrate on working on her resume, go to job interviews, look for a place, basically get her back on her feet.

    you know what she said at the end of the week? thanks for taking the boys. i really needed the break. it was great to relax.

    RELAX??? nice. real nice.

    we had our nephews for a week, and it was wonderful. we would have taken them, but the timing was wrong. we took them to school, did their homework with them, had sit down dinners, it was really nice being a family. we’re still very close to them, but that week was very sweet.

    so yeah, i get siblings who don’t get it. i hope jazmine gets to stay with you.

  3. Sounds like a Kodak moment. I’m really happy for Jazmine, because she is back where she belongs and wants to be. I’m happy for you because the sadness you felt while she was gone is over. The missing piece of your heart is back in place…. : )

  4. It sounds like you were given some good advice and you followed it (although that would have been hard). I’m glad that she is home. I will put your brother in my prayers for God to work on his heart. Jazmine is very lucky to have you.

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