Meet Christine!


BM has a name and it is Christine.  From now on I will use her name in my posts.  Using her name gives her an identity instead of referring to her as BM.  (See I am growing!!!)  Here are a few things I know about her.

Christine is 40 years old (six years older than me).  She has two chilrdren, Kierra and an older daughter from another relationship.

Christine and my husband were never married.

Christine has a pretty good job and has been there for over 18 years. 

Christine has a two year degree in business. 

Christine likes to read.  (I too love to read)

I just found out that Christine likes doing Sudoku puzzles.  (Also one of my favorite things to do.  I like doing the puzzles so much that Husband purchased a Sudoku game for my PSP.)

Christine likes to shop on Ebay.

I hear  that Christine has a nice personality.

On occasion she has been pleasant towards me: 

 She has sent me cards when I was in the hospital. 

She has given me a Christmas gift, twice.  (I have given her a Christmas gift twice).

She has sent me a Happy Mother’s Day text once.  (I didn’t see that one coming!)

She has sent a Thank You card when I sent her a Mother’s Day package  (a book, some aromatherapy candles, a spiritual bookmark, and a card).

Christine speaks on occasion when we see her at Kierra’s school functions (most times she doesn’t).

These are only a few things about Christine.


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  1. Morocco~ It is unfortunate that we ALL are not friends. Under different circumstances I bet we would be. We all have some good qualities. I think I make a great friend. I sure am glad that you are mine!

    Stacy~ Thanks! Like I said I am growing, it’s taken me a long time to get to this point. For a while I was content calling her BM (Baby Momma, because I know she doesn’t like to be identified in that manner). I am not holding resentment towards her like I used to. So I can move on!

  2. Rhonda, no no no, don’t do this to me. You are messing up my visual of BM. I have always pictured her having horns and a pointed tail. lol And yes, I see your growth…. (Smile)

  3. Old Friend~ LOL!!! I am cracking up at my desk!!! I’m still trying to get the “dingleberry” vision out of my head. LOL!!!

    I was just talking to Morocco about you last night. I told her you must be mad at me because you haven’t left me any encouraging words lately!

    I thought I would have to write a “missing person” post about you!

  4. Missing person? LOL   No, not missing, I still follow yours and Morocco’s posts. Naptown keeps me busy during the day, and by the time I read your posts in the evening, you’ve already gotten some great comments from the other followers. But believe me, I’m not at mad at you… (SMILE)  I’m glad you like my comments, because I have plenty. LOL

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