This is what being Bored will get you!


I’m at work waiting for the IT department to figure out an issue with my computer.  While waiting I check my e-mail, nothing in my box. I check my cell phone for missed calls or text messages, nothing there either.  Then I look up the word dingleberry.

This is what I found:

A small clot of dung, as clinging to the hindparts of an animal.  I found this in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

A piece of dried feces caught in the hair around the anus.  An incompetent, foolish, or stupid person. I found this in an American Heritage Dictonary.

The reason why I looked up this word you may ask?  Well for one I was bored and for two this is what we (my husband and I) used to call BM.  The funny thing is (although not as fuuny now since it has a real “nasty” meaning) that I thought I made up the word dingleberry!


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  1. This was a funny post. When my husband,kids and I are bored we google random words too…a cheap and educational form of entertainment! hehe

  2. I know right? My brother was drinking one night at a party and told this girl he was from Namibia. Everyone thought this was hilarious when he started acting like he “spoke the language.” Come to find out, Namibia is a country in southern Africa. He didn’t just “make it up.” I also saw Namibia march in opening night at the Olympics and I called my brother so he could catch it.

  3. You are so crazy! No wonder you were giggling so bad last night thinking about this post. LOL
    This is funny. And I think when the family is sitting around doing nothing and being bored, we’ll do what Stacy and her family does and google random words. That sounds like fun and I know my girls would enjoy it.

  4. I’ve called people this before, but I didn’t know the “true” meaning. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what I meant. 🙂

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