A Matter of Courtesy


The prison in which Eliza is serving her time is on lockdown.  An inmate escaped with the assistance of a guard eight days ago and is still on the run.


One would think that since I take the boys down for monthly visits, that out of deference, Eliza would have informed me of this.  I would have been steamed had I driven four hours round trip for her August visit and not been allowed.


Jazmine’s mom wrote today warning me of the lockdown.  Eliza also wrote the boys today, too.  She very well could have included a note for me to share this information. 


I do not watch the news on a regular basis and missed the airing of the escape.  It was actually Tasha who informed me of this—go figure!  She said she watched the broadcast to make sure that the escapee wasn’t Eliza coming to do me harm!!!


I have called only a couple of times before driving down, but honestly, most of the time I don’t think about it or I just forget to do so.


Courtesy, it is as simple as that.  But sadly, I think once again, I am expecting more than she is willing to give.


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  1. Sadly, not everyone treats others as they would like to be treated. 😦 It would definitely have been the right thing for Eliza to do…I guess we can’t hold them to the standards we hold ourselves to.

  2. I’m so sorry that she doesn’t show you common courtesy. 😦 With the trip you make for her- it sure would have been nice for her to let you know what was going on!

    Seems like some people never learned good manners and that lack of teaching reflects in situations like these. I bet the idea of notifying you never crossed her mind.

    Glad you found out and didn’t waste your gas and time on the trip!

  3. Morocco, it seems to me, that Eliza is showing her true side now. It seems now that her (niceness) to you since she has been locked up was only because of the things you were doing for her, things no one else would do for her. Sometimes people will fake niceness just to get things from you. Once they stop getting what they want, they revert back to how they truly feel about things. I feel this applies to Eliza, as soon as you decided to back away from some of  the good things you were providing her. The old Eliza  re-entered the picture. She would have gotten enjoyment to know you made that long trip to the prison only to be turned away once you got there. She needs to feel power, and not informing you of the lock down was a act of being in control to her. The fact is that you and not her are in control the situation. She wants and needs the things you do for her, and once she wakes up again and realizes this, you probably will receive a letter from her (being) nice once again, and asking for something.

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