The Space Noodle


I’m back!!!  We had a great time in Seattle.  I have been there three times already and I have yet to see everything on my list.  I was joined by my husband and Kierra, too.   My mom (she is currently working in Seattle), my brother and sister-in-law were all on vacation as well.  This time I was able to see more of the city than before.

Let me just say that I love to eat, therefore food was at the top of my list.  I would not eat at any restaurants that we had at home.  On the first night there we had Thai.  My husband and Kierra liked the taste.  The sweet and sour chicken I had was too spicy for my taste buds.  One morning we all went to Endolyne Joe’s for brunch.   I had biscuits and gravy.  After eating there, I will never have biscuit’s and gravy anywhere else!  For lunch one day we went to Ivar’s.  I had fish and chips.  The fish melted in my mouth!  The seafood is so fresh in Seattle.  My mom cooked a Thanksgiving meal for us one night.  Our last meal out was at the Rain Forest Cafe’.   If you have small children, take them.  The whole restaurant looks like a jungle with interactive animals and all.

The next thing on my list was to go shopping.  Seattle’s South Center Mall is so huge.Then we went downtown to Seattle Center and Pike’s Place MarketPike’s Place is famous for the fish market. The guys sing and throw fish.  It’s really fun to see in person.  The very first Starbuck’s is located there as well.

Further down the street is The Seattle Center.  We walked there.  Did I mention that Seattle is extremely hilly?  My feet hurt so bad.  Anyway…at The Seattle Center there is an outdoor amusement park and the Space Needle.   My husband had out his camera, clicking away when he said something that made me laugh.  He said, “Hey look at the Space Noodle!”  Everyone turned to look at him and we all said at once, “It’s Space Needle.”  He replied, “That’s what I said.”   He continued to say Space Noodle for the rest of the day.  Two days later we went to the beach and there was a clear view of the Space Needle from where we were standing.  My husband had his camera out, again clicking away.  He took a picture of it and walked over to me and said in a proud tone”I got a good shot of the Space Noodle.  (pause)  Hey I finally said it right this time!”  We all looked at each other and burst into laughter.  He looked at us and said, “What, I did say it right!”  More laughter from everyone.  Needless to say that was the joke of the week…The Space Noodle!

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