Strange Fruit


A comment emailed to me from a reader, Old Friend on Makes Me Wanna Holler inspired me to write this post.  He mused that Eliza is a of a rare breed.  I have to agree; Eliza deserves to be in a class of her own for she is the strangest of fruits.  I try and try to understand her with little success.   Her behavior and life remain a conundrum.


There is no way I can explain why she has done some of the things that she has.  Or why she presently operates in a state of frenzied paranoia.  The old saying goes that you can’t compare apples to oranges.  I don’t know what kind of fruit she is, maybe an Elipple.  Or an Elnana.  Perhaps an Elizaberry.  She might just be a Dingleberry. Whatever she is I know that she is a lot different than your everyday garden variety.  The fruits of her spirit are quite devilish.


With that being said, I can’t compare her to much of anything.  It is really fruitless (pun intended) of me to keep attempting to understand her.  I just have to accept the fact that she is not healthy (overripe) and therefore does not have the capacity to act in a sound manner (leaves a sour/bitter/mealy/disgusting taste in the mouth). The rancidness of her fruitage is nausea inducing.  Fruit cake is not something I enjoy eating.  So I have stopped trying to psychoanalyze her behavior.  But this is really hard for me because I like fruit!  It is so versatile—you can bake it, puree it, can it, cook it,mash it, candy it, dry it, kebob it, and even use it as a garnish.  But it has its limitations.   You can’t heal it.  Fix it.  Reason with it.  Understand it.  


Me and most of the people in my circle are pretty normal fruit.  We are the apples, blueberries, pears, cherries, watermelons and strawberries of life—you know your everyday type of people produce.  While I love exotic fruit such as guava, passion fruit, and kiwi to name a few, my appetite just does not tolerate alien fruit.  Unfortunately, I am going to leave Eliza in the fruit bowl (bin) where she belongs!

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  1. Very clever post 🙂

    And yes, I agree…sometimes you just never will understand someone else. And it’s ok. Of course there is comfort in understanding someone, because then you can plan and strategize, but you can still find your own peace within the chaos.

    A question for you though…did she ever take drugs and if yes, what types? Because paranoia can be one of the side effects whilst they’re on it and I think even long term.

  2. Natz~

    Not really. Also my husband never indicated that she did. I do have a copy of her pre-sentencing report and she reported that a year before the murder she started smoking marijuana with her husband on a weekly basis. She blamed him for her usage. She also said her drink of choice was wine.

    I think she suffers from severe anxiety attacks for one. I know when she was in the county jail that she had several panic attacks. I am not trained to make the diagnosis, but it almost seems as if she has BPD or BD–just a guess judging by her behavior. Plus, she had quite a traumatic childhood and I’m sure that it shaped her greatly.

  3. Oh I hope you get a cupcake! They’re great! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your header! Come by again!!!

  4. LOL, Morocco your ability to come up with posts that are useful for everyone continue to amaze me. I agree with Kweenmama, with your talent for writing you could reach so many more people if you would consider putting your thoughts and life ideas in book form. But until that time, keep doing what you do for The Ommydiaries, because you are great at it and are the reason I stay tuned in. 🙂

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