Mission at Midnight

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!



Last night I went to a bed a lot later than normal.  We had a mission to complete.  At ten minutes to midnight we stood in line at a Toys R Us store on the other side of town for the Clones Wars Midnight Madness. 


I thought we would be the only ones in line, but of course, the line was wrapped around the building.  I forgot what a cult following Stars Wars has.  The only time I’ve stood in line for something was for Prince tickets. 


Clone Pilots stood at various posts to distribute posters and other Star Wars keepsakes to the loyal customers.  When they finally opened the doors we were greeted by Clone Troopers and Plo Koon.  Ever the faithful Star Wars fan, Nicholas shouted “For the Empire!” as we entered the store and was met with peals of laughter.  His excitement was palpable.


I was shocked to see how wild people went to get their hands on the latest Lego Star Wars sets.  Adults were loading their carts full of merchandise.  However, Nicholas had his sights set on one item, the Republic Attack Gunship.  My husband helped him navigate the sea of mayhem to get the desired set while I stood back and took pictures.  Five minutes and $140.19 dollars later, he walked out with his prized possession.  His smile lit up the night.


Nicholas slept with the box next to him.  I know it is an experience that he won’t ever forget.  Maybe he will tell his own children about it someday when they encounter this rite of passage.  Mission Accomplished!


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  1. $140? OMGosh. I forgot how much they charge for that stuff. Thank goodness my kids have outgrown star wars now or I’d be poorer today. They used to have the little star wars figures that came with little computer chips and when you put the chip and the character on this walkie talkie looking machine – the character talked. They were about $20 a piece 8 years ago and I think I still have them saved in a box some place.

    Now mine just want cars or other motorized toys. On 2nd thought- I’d rather do star wars.

  2. I have to say other than morning after Thanksgiving sales, I am not sure that I have ever waited in line for anything.

    He really will remember this forever. I spent the entire day at the theatre. Opening weekend is next weekend. The things we do for our kids! 🙂

  3. I hadn’t even heard about the midnight thing at Toys R Us. I guess I’m all out of the loop. LOL I didn’t even know they did things like that.
    But $140? Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever spent $140 on anything for my kids. However, there are tons of other things we do for our kids where money isn’t even involved.

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