You’re Naked!!!


I love to go shopping.  At least once a week I am at the mall.  Kierra has taken on this hobby and always wants to tag along with me.  Imani evens likes to go shopping.

On one of our outings to the mall Imani and I went in one direction while my husband, Ian, and Kierra went in another.  I had taken Imani to use the restroom.  On our way to meet back up with the family I stopped off at New York and Company.  As I checked out the sales, Imani was showing off as she normally does.  She loves music and feels the need to dance when ever she hears music.

After choosing a few pair of pants from the rack I headed to the dressing room.  I was so not prepared for what happened next.  My back was turned to Imani while I undressed from the waist down.  I instructed Imani to make funny faces in the mirror in order to keep her occupied.  Out of nowhere she slapped me on the rear and said (really loud), “Mommy you’re naked!”  I turned to look at her and was completely shocked!  I was a little embarrassed when I heard laughter coming from the other dressing rooms.   After the shock wore off, I chuckled as well.

Yes, I had on underwear.  I was not naked in the dressing room.  The bottom of my shirt covered the fabric of the thongs I had on.  To Imani it looked like I was naked.   Even after showing her my that I was in fact wearing underwear, she still had a look of disbelief on her face.  Then she proceeded to tell me that my butt was fat!  More chuckles from the dressing room.  Great, she was on a roll!

Imani did not want to leave the dressing room.  She pouted all they way to the register but stopped at a rack of pants saying, “You didn’t try these on Mommy!”  More laughter from other shoppers.  That only fueled her clowning.  At this point she is dancing around making her funny faces, enjoying the many “Oh, she is so cute!” comments.

When I caught up with my husband and told him what happened, he laughed as well.  We spent a few more hours shopping.  I decided to try on a few more pieces and every time I headed to the dressing room;  I’m sure you all can guess who was on my heels.  IMANI!!!  LOL!!!


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  1. I’ve got you beat! One trip to Target a couple weeks ago, I needed to use the facilities, which were of course crowded, and I had the boy with me. We worked our way into the handicapped stall (for the space so he wouldn’t have to stand outside) and as I pulled my pants down to sit, he asks, very loudly, “Mommy, do you have to poop?” *snicker, snicker* from the next couple of stalls.

    “No, babe. Mommy’s just peeing.”

    “Mommy, are you sure, because you are sitting. Maybe you should poop, too. Or maybe just fart.”

    *snicker, snicker, snicker*

    Needless to say, it was a short Target trip.

  2. I too had a similar experience! I was so humiliated when my daughter looked under the dressing room door, and screamed “Mommy where’s you underwear”? I had thongs on, but the other women in the dressing room let out some giggles, however when she said “oh it is just stuck in your bottom mommy”, it went from giggles to rolling laughter! Just as my face was burning and I thought I would die “does that hurt your suzie”? (Her name for her girly parts) Last time I will ever take a toddler in the dressing room!!!

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