My Tags


As we all know, tagging is an important part of the blogging process.  Your tags provide clues concerning the contents of your post.  Therefore I decided to “tag” myself.  Hopefully my “tags” will adequately describe the content of my character.  Here they are in no particular order:

Daughter of the King, Child of a Queen, proud wife, amazing mom, sister to 5, aunt to 8, cousin to many, beloved niece, faithful friend, Master teacher, avid reader, passionate writer, eloquent speaker, constant caregiver, lifelong student, budding landscapist, determined dishwasher, creative cook, struggling listener, lady laundress, anal organizer, family fire-fighter, level-headed, very driven, lady cab driver, home owner, safe driver, effective facilitator, gifted scholar, daring dreamer, memory-maker, global traveler, skilled scrapbooker, freedom fighter, budget fashionista, attempted encourager, mighty mentor, family and friend support specialist, amateur interior designer, healer of wounds, woman warrior, natural nurturer, eye-candy, humble helpmate, picture taker, tea drinker, story teller, loyal confidante, budget-friendly, prayer warrior in-training, beautiful ballerina, Prince fan, kid @ heart, gracious giver, instant inventor, practicing problem solver, word lover, burgeoning blogger, ardent poet, friendly neighbor, Scrabble Master, family centered, simple life lover, blessing counter, determined ommy, book worm, deep thinker, sensitive soul, forever neatnik, involved parent, mountain mover, heartfelt servant, recovering perfectionist, broken but saved sinner…


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  1. “Wow!!!”  That’s a lot of tags. You left off the one(tag) that would say it all.  ( The Complete Package) (smile)

  2. As I read through your tags, I realized you are right. We do have a LOT in common (by the way I love Prince too 🙂 ) Isn’t it funny though that even a super long list of tags isn’t long enough to really “see” a person. God made us very complex creatures.

    I’ve been reading your posts and have really enjoyed them! They have made me think.

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