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I am delighted to announce that we are going green at my house!  I’ve wanted to do it for a while but I thought that it would take too much energy with the sorting and hauling.  Not to mention actually remembering to do both!  But once I really thought about it, it simply made sense for me to do my part to help protect and preserve Mother Earth.  I didn’t even have a hard time getting the gang to jump on board.

My husband, who still likes cartoons and animated movies, was watching “Happy Feet” and I happened to enter the room on the scene that shows the penguin with the six-pack holder around his neck.  That image confirmed the importance of recycling for me.  It’s really not very complex and worth the effort. 

Last week I purchased three containers for the plastic, paper, and aluminum items that we will be recycling.  The bins filled quickly.

One benefit I have noticed is that we don’t have as much trash as we used to.  The kids also feel proud that we are doing something positive to contribute to the environment.  We don’t even have to go very far to deposit the recycled items because there is a bin located on the grounds of Evan’s school–not even five minutes from our home!  I drive past his school practically everyday so it has hasn’t inconvenienced me at all.  We are also  very close to another recycling center that accepts a wider variety of things.  Most cities provide a curbside service option available for a small monthly fee.

Here is a site that provides helpful information about going green:  I found out many things that I did not know about the actual drop off process, such as the fact that you can not recycle the conatiner that you carry your items in–even if it recyclable.  Go green!


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  1. Wonderful!!! We went green about 6 months ago. There’s a great website called Skin deep,, where I check a lot of my cosmetics, and such. I also started using the dryer balls instead of fabric softener, and believe it or not they work. There’s SO MUCH we can do to protect our environment, in addition to recycling, and it feels so good to be part of it!

  2. I absolutely LOVE our cities curbside recycling service, it makes recycling so easy!

    I had my cubscouts do some recycling and some neighborhood clean-up a couple of months ago. It was gratifying to see then really get into it.

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