What’s For Dinner?


This is probably the most popular and  most annoying question asked at our house!  I enjoy cooking and try my very best to be creative.  But it takes a nice chunk of my time to plan a menu that everyone likes and to create a grocery list  that reflects the season and temperature.  I live in a house full of picky eaters, myself included. Here is ONLY a small sampling of the things each of do not like:

 My husband is allergic to shellfish which cuts out seafood recipes.  He does not like peas, lima beans, jambalya, basil, cilantro, lamb, or tomatoes.  Nicholas does not like cheese, mushrooms, milk, cabbage, onions, peas, brussell sprouts, olives, or fish.  Ethan does not like cheese, sour cream, asparagus, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, or olives.  Evan has the most neutral palate of us all.  He pretty much eats everything I make with relish.  However, due to his acid reflux, he can’t eat things that have a high acid content.  Even little Jazmine has her preferences.  She does not like bread, bacon, pizza, or lettuce.  And me, I don’t  like cumin, cinnamon, smoked sausage, sweet potatoes, very spicy food, honey, mustard, raisins, beans, feta, rosemary, or ketchup.  I am not short-order cook so I refuse to make multiple dishes. 

 A little frustrated with this I joked to my husband that I was going to designate a night of the week to each family member for cooking.  I proposed the following schedule:

Monday: Mommy’s Magic

Tuesday: Daddy’s Delight

Wednesday: Kids Can Cook

Thursday: Toddler’s Table (yep, Jazmine has to carry her weight, too!)

Friday: Forage the Fridge

He found this hilarious, but I was only half kidding.  However,  I put my culinary fantasy on hold and instead looked online in search of recipes and was delighted to find that the New York Times had written an article about this very subject.  I found several quick recipes to try this week.  Happy Dining!

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  1. At our house we have FFYS (fend for yourself) nights.

    Rummage thru the fridge and eat whatever takes your fancy. These are usually after mom has had a full day of running kids everywhere and hasn’t been home to think about cooking- let alone actually pull something out. We used to do FFYS nights on Saturdays after the boys had had baseball all day. It was a good way to make leftovers go away too. The boys loved the idea and came up with some crazy combinations of leftovers but it sure was a nice break for me on days that I hadn’t been home for 12-14 hours straight.

  2. Mealtimes are always a challenge for us as well, due to Punkin’ and I having many food allergies. We eat a mostly vegan type diet, so it’s kind of challenging to find good recipes. I love your ideas about letting the family take turns handling the meal responsibilites. Great post!

  3. Morocco, it sounds like there are many different taste buds to please in your house hold. I see nothing wrong in you sharing the meal responsibilites, even if it was just for one week. You will see,  food tastes so much better, when someone else is preparing it for you. When it is your husband’s turn to cook, inform him of the (Hamburger Helper) aisle at the store. He will be thankful. (smile)

  4. My stepsons are visiting for the summer and the youngest is having a fit about food. If he had his way he would only eat junk for every meal. My favorite phrase right now is “I am not a short order cook.”

  5. We sometimes have “clean out the fridge” meals. Those types of meals come in handy.

    Thanks for sharing the article of recipes, some of them sound tasty. I can’t wait to try them!

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