Kierra is Here!!!


My husband picked up Kierra yesterday for her summer visitation, which lasts five weeks.  Kierra had been counting down the days.  I was too!!!  For some reason this year is different.  Maybe because Ian and Imani are here as well.  In the past I have a mixture of emotions before Kierra gets here.  Ranging from being excited all the way down to being anxious.

Usually BM sends some form of a verbal demand ( that we ignore).  If she wants to make a request she is capable of doing so herself.  Which normally happens because we do not follow through with her demands.  We are firm believers of not sending messages through children.

This time, I did not have any butterflies flying around in my belly.  I was not worried about what BM would or wouldn’t do or.  I have been at peace with things.  BM is going to be who she is and there is nothing I can do to change that.  I, on the other hand have not given in to anything that she does.  Making my life a lot less stressful.

Every year we have to go and buy Kierra a few things that she needs for the summer.  We went to court when Kierra was six so that BM would send appropriate necessities, like clothes for instance.  Since then she has followed the court order but we seem to have to go get her some things anyway.

When Kierra came in yesterday she was so excited that BM had taken her on a shopping spree.  I was excited for her.  She came in with new luggage, shoes, and clothes.  She could not stop talking about it.  I’m happy because now this will give us more spending money this summer.

We are going to Seattle to visit my family in a few weeks.  This will be Kierra’s first time on an airplane and our first ever week long trip with all of us.  My nephews (1 and 3) have been calling non-stop wanting us to come right now.

I have so many plans this summer thanks to Morroco’s long list of fun things to do.  It’s refreshing not to have to ask permission for Kierra to go along with us!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel about the summer visitation. I, too, am so excited about my stepdaughter coming for her summer visit. I hope your summer is abundant with blessings!!!!

  2. It’s interesting to read this post today since I just wrote about my anxiety this week since my stepsons arrived. I hope one day I can look forward to their visits and have as much peace about them as you now do with your stepdaughter’s visits.

  3. The Blended Family~ Thanks! How old is your stepdaughter? Kierra is 14. We enjoy doing “girlie girl” things together. This is a phrase my husband uses to describe some of the things we do.
    I love to get pampered. When I go get my nails done and a pedicure, I take Kierra with me. She gets her nails polished and she loves it. I’m looking forward to the spa trips together when she gets a little older!

    Kweenmama~ Thanks! Kierra is so excited about going on a plane. She is a tad bit nervous. I am going to take plenty of gum for her to chew!!!

    Jenn~In time I think you will look forward to you stepsons visits. How long have you been a stepmom? It has been nine years for me and in those nine years this is the first time that I was calm and looking forward to her visit.

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