Meet the Artists


Man in Turban

Purple Haze II


I love this piece that Evan created in his art therapy class last year.  I call it “Man in Turban.”  This piece is displayed on its own stand in our living room.   I sent Eliza a picture of it, too.  I am so proud of him!  When he comes home, I would like to enroll him in art classes to further develop his talent.

My son, Nicholas,  is also a fantastic artist.  His pieces are featured throughout our home as well. “Purple Haze” is just one of his many masterpieces.  He created this one when he was three years-old.  It hangs in the family room.   Last week Nicholas’ school had an art show that was fabulous.  His art teacher is crazy creative with the kids.  I can’t wait until she sends his portfolio home!  His work has been on exhibit at both Starbuck’s and Hubbard and Craven’s.  They even had meet the artisit nights at both shops.  Of course we were there beaming with pride at our little Picasso. 

She had a bunch of student paintings turned into note cards and place mats to raise funds for the school.  I am proud to say that Nicholas’ beautiful design sold out on the first day! 

Not to mention, I save so much money by using their art for decoration.  I even provide them a little commission for the rights to display their pieces!  I am thinking about converting our currently barren garage walls into an art gallery for the boys.  I think that would be so cool!


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  1. Do it! Converting the garage walls into an art gallery is a great idea. I use the metal door that leads to our garage from the house as our display area, but it is full and I need to find an area that is bigger. You have quite the little artists there. It is great that you are fostering their talents by displaying their work.

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