A Brief Update


            Kierra’s surgery last Friday was successful and she is continuing to do well.  It was an awkward time due to the obvious lack of civility.  Kierra’s mom came with her oldest daughter and her male friend.  There was no conversation exchanged between most of the adults.  However, my husband and her friend did manage to talk while taking breaks in the lobby.  I was so uncomfortable with the way things were.  I mean, this would have been the perfect opportunity to pull together.  Apparently Kierra’s mom did not feel this way…to be continued.


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  1. Rhonda, it’s good to know that Kierra’s surgery went okay. On the other matter, it’s too bad that nothing positive happened between the adults. It sounds like Kierra’s mom is choosing to take the easy route (for her) in dealing with this situation, which for her, is to do nothing. Good things usually happen when there is effort put forth. Hopefully she will understand this sooner than later.

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