An Open Letter to My Son’s Stepmother


Dear Stepmom,

Thank you for opening your heart to my son. Through your patience, your warmth, and your tireless efforts, you’ve shown him that he is lovable and loved. That he hasn’t lost his father, and that he now has two mothers instead of just one. Thanks to your efforts, he has two real homes where he is cherished and welcomed.  


This is an excerpt from a letter I found online.  Isn’t this beautiful!  To read the rest, visit:

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  1. How I wish I would receive a letter like this, rather than the rude comments and accusations of stealing her kids.

  2. LOL, I know the feeling! I’ve received a “phony” letter of appreciation. I say phony because I don’t think it was sincere in any sense of the word. I’d rather she had not sent it at all.

  3. I totally agree, Michelle! I wish I could receive a ‘thank you,’ a high five or something from my stepson’s mother. Instead I also get accusations of trying to steal her son and whatever else she can think of at the time. As a result, (of wanting some type of acknowledgment) I make sure to acknowledge my son’s stepmother on a regular basis!!

  4. I am so happy that I have found this site. I am both a mother of two that have a stepmother and recently became a stepmom of 6 (I know I know 8 is Enough!). I have been searching for a Stepmothers letter to the Biomom but have not found anything but hostile angry letters. While the letter above is directed from the mom to the stepmom the sentimate can work in either direction.

    My husbands ex-wife is hostile, angry and crazy more times than not but as a mom/stepmom and a Christian/Buddhist I feel in my heart that I must first exstend the olive branch. It may not be received but I cannot let that stop me from doing what is right.

    Thank you for your blogs ~ it is inspirational to see others that are trying to live in harmony, as difficult as it may be.


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